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Ever since Lotus Wei founder, Katie Hess, was 7 years old, she wanted to transform the world in a very big way. When people ask her why she has devoted her entire life to creating flower essences, she gives a simple and straightforward answer: “because they work.” (I love that).

In 3 decades, Katie has trained internationally with flower essence practitioners and studied meditation and mindful-awareness techniques with many Tibetan Buddhist masters, including The Dalai Lama, The Karmapa (Tibet’s next generation leader) and Ayang Rinpoche, a master of compassion death and dying. All Katie ever wanted to do was to alleviate any suffering, as much as she could and as quickly as possible. It is safe to say that she has done just that.

In 2000, Katie, who is originally from Minneapolis, decided to share her custom-blended flower remedies with a handful of private clients. And now, in almost 2017, her flower elixirs are sold in in 12 countries, at some of the world’s leading hotels and transformational spas, and of course to people like you and I. The word ‘wei’ has two meanings: “transformative action” and “for the benefit of all.”

The entire company is rooted in flower alchemy. Flower alchemy is nothing new. It is just another way of receiving the nourishing and healing properties of plants, by taking in the pure essence of the flower. These essences are literally liquid energy that transform your mood and mind through your acupuncture meridians. Flower alchemy is based on the premise that your body operates like a finely tuned instrument. Sometimes instruments play perfectly, and sometimes, they need to be tuned. Flower essences act as a natural, plant-based tuning fork, bringing your body back in tune with a subtle electrical vibration. You can find the elixirs which work for you, based on your desired outcome. And just as life events and stresses shift from day to day, week to week, etc., so would your usage of these powerful and healing essences.

I love the ethos and mission of this company. I have had a very rough year and a half as far as a health battle I had been struggling with, and I got a sample set of Katie’s mists, and instantly fell in love! Of those mists I tried, the Quiet Mind was the one that I was constantly spritzing day in and day out. It definitely calmed and soothed me instantly. I loved the idea of a super potent elixir under the tongue, so I reordered the Quiet Mind in the elixir form, and I cannot live without it! I also just recently ordered (of her limited edition elixirs), the Bamboo, Lilac, Papaya Flower and Peony. Below is a bit more on the above elixirs shown:

Bamboo: Dissolves an “I can’t do it” attitude, impotence, fears, feeling small, lack of follow-through, stamina or determination. It gives and magnifies strength, determination, power, persistence, tenacity, focus, clarity, and the relationship of daily actions building to larger goals. It helps you make the seemingly impossible possible.

Quiet Mind: Contains Bird of Paradise, Passionflower, Angel’s Trumpet, Dandelion, Pink lotus and Kyanite gemstone. It dissolves a busy mind, mental chatter, restless sleep, physical tension (especially neck + shoulders), and over-analyzing. It gives you clarity, focus, a relaxed body, quiet mind, sound sleep and the ability to take breaks and be more effective.

Lilac: Dissolves the desire for things to be a certain way, expectations of a person, place or condition, rigidity or control and believing there is only one way. It magnifies flexibility, freedom from rigid or fixed structures, acceptance of things and people as they are and the ability to embrace change.

Papaya Flower: Dissolves hardness of character, envy or refusal to accept help. Helps to heal past trauma with mother or mothering, discord within a romantic partnership, confusion regarding sexuality or sexual orientation and fears about pregnancy, breastfeeding, motherhood and/or menopause. It magnifies the balance of feminine and masculine aspects, collaboration, receptivity, community-mindset, compatibility within relationships, harmony within relationships between mother and children, clarity regarding sexuality/sexual orientation.

Peony: Dissolves shame, embarrassment, shyness, perception of lack and habit of overextending. It magnifies abundance, prosperity, ability to magnetize, gratitude, appreciation, contentment, elegance, gracefulness and innocence.

I’ve noticed a huge difference in my overall mindset and how I feel when I alternate all of these elixirs together. I love all of them and I mix and match depending on what is going on. I love to keep these by my bedside and take a few of them in my purse to put under my tongue throughout the day. I notice now if I am not doing any of the LW elixirs. I highly recommend checking out this beautiful and life changing brand!

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