W.ANT Skincare Giveaway



So I am kicking off week 1 of my ‘5 Giveaways in 5 Weeks’ Series with a brand I LOVE: W.ANT Skincare! This Singapore-based brand is ethical, sustainable and conscious. By purchasing products from them, you are contributing to communities of marginalized women in cooperatives in Bali, Indonesia and Benin, Africa. When the lovely Winona on their team reached out to me about their products, that was one of the main reasons I was so drawn to them. Of course helping as many women around the world in general is always amazing in my book, but last year, I was living in Bali for about 8 months – so that really hit close to my heart and I loved that they were able to reach and help women there!

W.ANT Skincare provides, non-toxic, multi-tasking skincare to prevent free radicals. This is especially helpful and beneficial for those living in big cities or who jet set a lot. W.ANT’s products are formulated from pure botanical oils and minerals and are free of synthetic ingredients, preservatives, colors and fragrances. And most importantly, they are cruelty free!

In week 1 of my giveaway, I will be gifting one lucky winner the following:

Beet This Honey CleanserThis uber gentle cleanser is made with over 60% raw honey! It is non-foaming and non-drying, so it will clean your skin without stripping the natural oils from your skin. This has a blend of jojoba, apricot kernel and bergamot oils to cut through makeup too! An added bonus is that this can also be used as a hydrating and soothing face mask!

Ginger Clay Scrub MaskWho doesn’t want a clean slate? This scrub/mask hybrid is chock-full of antioxidants that stimulate blood circulation and renews skin cells. It is able to do this with only four ingredients: evaporated coconut blossom nectar, bentonite clay, french green clay and ginger. Impressive, no?

The Face OilThis is a true, no-nonsense oil. Hydrate your skin with vitamins A, C, E and essential fatty acids found in the cold-pressed kukui, rosehip, baobob, and tamanu oils to get an instant glow that’s non-greasy. This is fast absorbing while providing moisture all day night long. #theradianceisreal

Orange Cocoa Lip Saver: It’s starting to get into the colder months, and now is an even better time to stock up and find an amazing lip balm or lip treatment. This orange cocoa balm smells heavenly and moisturizes lips without any toxic ingredients or irritating, artificial fragrances. The base of this balm is cocoa butter, beeswax and jojoba and safflower oils.

So how do you enter my giveaway? Just head to my Instagram here: @theyatraproject and go to the W.ANT Skincare post (same photo as above) to see the official rules on how to enter. Good luck to all you lovely people!

P.S. Don’t forget to follow W.ANT Skincare on Facebook and Instagram as well! Happy holidays! I can’t wait to give these lovely goodies to someone to enjoy soon!

Veeda Natural Feminine Care



I wanted to share an amazing feminine care company that is eco-friendly, chemical free and 100% safe for women to use. Veeda Natural Care tampons and pads do not contain any synthetics, chemicals or dyes ever.  They offer regular, super and super plus natural cotton tampons in applicator and applicator-free styles. Conventional tampons and pads are made out of bleached cotton and/or synthetic products which can contain synthetic dyes and fragrances and even herbicide and pesticide residue. Most of these mainstream tampon and pad companies do not disclose what their products are made of since it is not required by law. (Scary, right?) Veeda always discloses all of its ingredients on the package so you know exactly what you are buying. The plastic used in their tampon applicators are BPA free and the tampon itself is 100% biodegradable, even in a landfill.

Another amazing thing I love about this company is their 360° Care Fund, which is committed to women’s health and wellness by providing help for disadvantaged women around the world including financial, material, educational, childcare, psychological and moral support. A portion of U.S. online sales go towards supporting this fund. I love companies that give back and are socially conscious, so I highly recommend checking out Veeda and giving their products a try!

The Lakshmi Series: Genevieve Yam from Gratitude & Greens


I was quite literally en route to Bali, waiting in line to check in for the first flight in the leg of my journey, when Genevieve and I struck up a conversation. She asked me something about the check in time, and we just got to talking. Turned out that she is a vegan enthusiast and has her own amazing blog at Gratitude & Greens where she takes seriously drool-worthy food porn pictures (go to her site. Now!) of all the delicious plant-based foods she loves to make. When I met her, I was thinking to myself, “There are no coincidences – her and I were meant to meet!”

We chatted through the crazy long check-in line and ended up changing out seats to sit next to each other so we could talk more. Needless to say, the super long, 15-hour flight from Chicago to Hong Kong where I was connecting and where Gen was arriving to visit family, went by very fast with the amazing conversation!

Below are the questions Gen answered on this month’s Lakshmi Series – love her answers and I’ve learned some fun tidbits about here through this as well! She has great tips on how to stay healthy and look glowing from the inside out while being a jet-setting gypsy!

Favourite city… I love the vibe of Amsterdam. I’ve been three times, and the first time I went, we stayed in a houseboat on the Prinsengracht, which quickly became my favourite neighborhood. Amsterdam has all my favourite things: great markets, health food stores, juice bars, cozy living, museums, and is bike friendly! I really loved biking along the canals while I was there.

Current obsession… I don’t have many obsessions, but matcha is a serious contender. I love drinking it, baking with it, and eating desserts made with it.

Can’t travel without… I always travel with melatonin when I know I’ll be switching time zones. Sleep is crucial for both health and beauty, and melatonin helps me quickly get over jet lag.

Always in my carry on… Lip balm and moisturizer, because you never know when your skin will be feeling dry! I also keep my glasses on me in case my eyes get dry from wearing contact lenses.

For an instant pick-me-up… In the summer, a smoothie, and in the winter, a big cup of tea.

Strangest beauty habit… I use a 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water toner, and put raw honey on any zits that pop up. I will also wash my face with oats from time to time. I don’t know if those are strange beauty habits, but that’s as strange as my beauty habits go!

In the shower I keep… Oats, shampoo and conditioner, a good bar of soap, and homemade sugar scrub. I’m trying to phase out shampoo usage, but my shampoo right now is from Andalou Naturals. My friend Rachael makes all her soaps and I’m currently using a lemon and olive oil bar she made. Otherwise, I usually opt for Dr. Bronner’s lavender castile bar soap.

Always on my bedside table… A glass of water, lip balm, coconut oil, and a good book.

Once a month… I like to treat myself to a massage or a spa day. It’s important to recharge your mind and body! I love visiting the Body Blitz Spa in Toronto for their therapeutic water circuit, infrared sauna, and steam room scented with eucalyptus oil. It’s on the pricier side, but so worth it! It’s a good once-a-month treat, and I get a few blissful hours of peace and quiet.

On little sleep, I reach for… Food, water, and coffee.

To stay healthy and beautiful while traveling… Stay hydrated. I keep a water bottle on me at all times.

To glow from the inside out… Eat well, sleep well, and stay positive. It’s amazing what positive energy can do for you!

My favourite detoxifying snack… Cucumbers and hummus.

My favourite detoxifying drink… Water and lemon. It’s delicious warm or cold, and will help your body hydrate and alkalize. It’s refreshing on a hot summer day, and warming on a cold winter day.

Best healthy “fast food” recipe… Quinoa with olive oil, parsley, and sea salt with massaged kale and avocado, and a sprinkle of hemp seeds. This was my go-to lunch when I was still in school and had barely enough time to eat! Otherwise it’s fruit or hummus and veggies.

My travel DIY beauty treatment… As of now, none. My beauty routine stays the same when I travel!

To look glam in a pinch… Lipstick. I use Burt’s Bees lip shimmer in plum, but am thinking of exploring other natural brands, too.

Game-changing beauty product… I was recently introduced to facial oil, and I love it! Thanks to the beauty industry, we’ve been conditioned to think that oil is bad for our skin, but that isn’t necessarily true. Many facial oils are derived from essential, botanical oils, which are antioxidant rich and help to protect our skin from free-radical damage. Facial oils also help to maintain moisture, and can even help people with oily skin restore balance. I’m a huge fan of the rehydrating rose facial oil from Neal’s Yard Remedies, which is 99% organic. It smells great, too!

Underrated beauty practice… I’ve found that eating well, getting enough shut-eye, and staying hydrated are the most effective and underrated beauty practices. You could use every single beauty product on the planet, but nothing is as effective as what I like to think of as the holy trinity!

If I could travel anywhere in the world, I’d go… Oh, what a hard question! Probably the Punjab region in India, for all the amazing vegetarian food; Edinburgh for the beauty of the city; and Bali for recharging my batteries.

Thanks so much Genevieve for participating in this month’s Lakshmi Series! Stay tuned for the next one guys and be sure to check out Gen’s site. Beware: drooling will occur!

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